High quality compressed product with non-recycled material, resistant to nailing, full sizes.
Also available in wood with or without EPAL stamp.

Available sizes
145x145x78 mm
145x100x78 mm
95x95x95 mm
95x95x78 mm
70x70x70 mm
75x75x75 mm
75x75x90 mm
70x70x78 mm
Upon request, they are supplied with EPAL stamp and other measures according to your needs.

BOARDS for pallet

Availability of a wide range of items for packaging in pine / fir multilayer cut with sharp edge, full thicknesses. Lengths of 4 meters or cut to size according to your needs, starting from a thickness of 13 mm with a width of 70 mm.

Wide availability of first and second choice EPAL sizes with following sizes:
22x143x1200 mm
22x98x1200 mm
22x143x800 mm

Wide availability of squares cut in multiple blades, with sharp edge, in pine or fir with lengths of 4 meters or lengths according to your needs.

Available sizes
75x75 mm
95x90 mm
35x90 mm
95x95 mm